Allergic Rhinitis Natural Ayurvedic Treatment Package and Doctor Consultation

Description : Allergic rhinitis is most common of allergic diseases caused by dust,mites,pollens. Allergies are abnormal reaction of immune system to substances that are otherwise harmless.when an allergen comes in contact with the body it causes immune system to react.Eyes,nose,lungs and stomach are most prone to allergies.


Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

1300.00 1300.00


Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

1800.00 1800.00

Allergic Rhinitis

Most of allergies are caused to dust,pollens, mites etc.


Tickling sensation and irritation in nostrils
Watery eyes
Running nose
Hoarseness of voice

Diet Recommended

Avoid oily, spicy, junk food
Avoid curd, ice creams, cold drinks

Tips :


-Regular use of badam oil one drop in each nostril helps to reduce allergic rhinitis.
-Regular use of honey,tulsi swaras,ginger help to reduce kapha in body
-Regular use of turmeric powder and milk helps to boost immunity

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