Acne Natural Ayurvedic Treatment Package and Doctor Consultation

Description : Acne is skin condition in which there is excess production of oil from sebaceous glands leading to blockage of hair follicles. It is most common problem in young age.
Most people with acne are aged between 12 to 25 but some older and younger persons can be affected.
Acne usually effects face neck,back and shoulder.
In Ayurveda it is called yovanpidika."yovan" means adolocense and "pidika" means papules.


Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

1000.00 1000.00


According to ayurveda acne occurs due to imbalance in pitta and khapha dosha which in turns vitiate mams and rakhta dhatu and results in blocking of skin.
Common cause of acne are
Use of oily ,spicy junk food which results in indigestion.
Harmonal imbalance
Certain contraceptive pills
Night awakening
Over use of cosmetics
Stress and anxiety
Excess use of non vegetarian food


White heads
Black heads

Diet Recommended

Tips :


Thorough wash by leukwarm water at least three times a day
Blood purifying and detoxifying herbs possessing bitter and astringent taste
Complexion enhancers like turmeric,sandalwood etc
Coolant herbs
Hormone balancing therapy if cause lies in it

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