Urinary Tract Infection Natural Ayurvedic Treatment Package and Doctor Consultation

Description : Urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria,virus enters and multiply in urinary tract.urinary tract consist of uterus,bladder and urethra.


Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

1500.00 1500.00

Urinary Tract Infection

-Having multiple sexual partners
-Holding urine for long time
-Bacterial infection
-Viral infection


-Constant urge to urinate
-Pungent smell in urine
-Burning sensation

Diet Recommended

-Hot spices should be avoided strictly
-Should drink lots of water
-Fresh lemon juice,orange juice ,sugarcane juice and coconet water can be used
-Should use fruits like apple,grapes,peaches,plums

Tips :

-Ardhamatsendra asana


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