Kidney stone Natural Ayurvedic Treatment Package and Doctor Consultation

Description : Urinary stones are generally formed by calcium,phosphates or oxalates.the main part of urinary tract are kidney,ureter,bladder and urethra.the stones are perdominantly formed in kidney.In certain circumstances they are slowly dissolved and come down and during the process they become lodge in a narrow tract giving rise to excruciating pain.


Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

3000.00 3000.00

Kidney stone

Cystallization of chemicals and minerals present in urine leads to kidney stone.


Abdominal pain from back to groin region
Brown or red color of urine due to presence of blood

Diet Recommended

Avoid beans and pulses
Avoid pumpkin
Avoid ladyfinger
Avoid brinjal
Avoid tomato
Avoid palak

Tips :

Forward bending asana like pacchimottan asana
Vajra asana


Drink water atlaest 4 to 5 liters per day
Use of sugarcane juice helps for early removal of stone

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