Diabetes Silent killer , Natural Ayurvedic Treatment Package and Doctor Consultation

Description : Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which person has high blood glucose either insulin produce is inadequate or because body cell do not respond properly to insulin or both.In Ayurveda it is called Prameha.there are twenty forms of prameha.Four are due to vayu,six due to pitta and ten are caused due kapha.but diabetes is mainly kaphaj disorder.

Grade 1:- borderline

Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

1000.00 1000.00

Grade 2 blood sugar level>200

Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

2000.00 2000.00

Grade 3 blood sugar level>300

Discription :

Duration (in Months) : 1.00

3000.00 3000.00


Insulin is hormone produced by pancreas.it facilitates the movement of glucose from blood to liver,muscle and fat cells.
- TYPE 1:-body is incapable of producing insulin.
- TYPE 2:-body become resistant to insulin
- Hormonal changes during pregnancy also result in temporary diabetes.
- Excess use of sugar,fat,patato,rice
- Lack of exercise
- Mental stress
- Excessive sleep


Frequent urination
Increased thirst
Excessive hunger
Burning in palm and sole
Weight loss
Blurry vision
Wound that take time to heal

Diet Recommended

One should eat limited quantity of food at one sitting
one should eat anything healthy every two hours
One should avoid potato,rice,sweet,maida etc
Fruits like mango,grapes,banana should be avoided
Use of bitter gourd,jamun,karela will be helpful for maintaing sugr level

Tips :

Forward bending asana like pachimottan asana,halasana
Pranayams like anolom-vilom


Regular walking for 45 min helps in maintaining sugar levels
Use of fenugreek seed daily one tsf empty stomach
Avoid sleep during day time
Avoid alcohol and smoking
Regular practise of yoga helps to manage stress level

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