Balant Battisa Boon for mothers health after delivary

Description : Giving birth to child is like a beginning of new era in woman's life. Motherhood is best gift given to woman by God. To enjoy the joy of motherhood female body should be in good health and free from issues post pregnancy or delivery. Ayurveda has described many herbs which are beneficial in postnatal care. Balant battisa is combination of 32 herbs which are helpful for recovering woman after delivery. Our grandmothers and mothers prepare many recipes for us after delivery, however Balant battisa is proper mixture of herbs which helps uterus to recover fast and regain its original shape and size.

Benefits :

Helps in maintaing your body after delivery Helps utreus to retain its original shape and size Helps to overcome weakness after delivery Helps in proper production of milk

Doses :

One tsf daily morning evening with milk One can mix this powder in wheatflour and make laddu

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