Swarna Prashana Boon for child develpoment

Description : Ayurveda is not only meant for curing diseases but also helps in keeping healthy person healthy. Foundation for healthy body and mind is laid in childhood . It is the best time to build and improve immunity among kids . Ayurveda beliefs that most of congition power of child is developed before age of two after that only memory improves. As gold is said to be the best for improving congnition ayurveda has kept "Swarna Prashan" under sixteen sanskar of our life. Swarna Prashana : The word Swarnaprashan is combination of two words 'Swarna' ' Prashan' .
Swarna is a common word and refers to nobel metal gold . Prashana means to act of eating or consuming . Swarnaprashana thus means act of consuming gold in prescribed dose and quantity. It is one of the sixteen sanskars essenstial for children. It can be done for kids from 0 to 16 years .

Benefits :

It helps in strengthening immune system It helps improve physical body strength It helps improve grasping , recalling and analytical skills It helps to improve digestive power It helps in improving skin quality and skin tone It helps in reducing teething related issues It helps in preventing various allergies

Doses :

one pinch daily with honey and cow ghee

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Nice Product for Kids
In today's environment, when everything is chemically processed it is required for kids to have sharper mind and healthy body.


Swarna Prashana
its nice products with affordable prices

Mukesh 1/10/2015

Swarna Prashana
its Good For the Health , baby care products for the better life in feature.

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