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Bael Bael,bilva,Aegle marmelos

Description : Bael tree is known as bilva in sanskrit.it is an ancient ayurvedic tree with spiritual and medicinal importance. it is one of the dashmool herbs. it is also known as "Apple wood"having its origin in india. A famous drink known as sharbat is made from bael fruits and has been known for its medicinal values since 2000 BC.

Benefits :

Bilva fruit powder calms down the extra heat in body in this way it corrects gastric disturbances like diarrhea,irritable bowel syndrome and colitis.
Bilva leaves powder is specially useful in diabetes.
It is used as a cardiac tonic.
Its roots reduces swelling of uterus hence useful in pregnancy, leucorrhea.
It is used in vata disorders like insomnia, epilepsy and hysteria.
It can be used as laxative.
It can be used in juandice.

Doses :

one table spoon empty stomach daily with water

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